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In today’s market, rarely would you find a product or a company that would dominate their selected niche. GoPro is a perfect example. They carved out a a niche for “wearable” cameras and they’ve absolutely destroyed that market.

JayBird is another example. Their bluetooth headphones provide functionality and quality to fitness enthusiasts.

The JayBird Bluebuds X is their latest offering, and flagship, bluetooth headset.

The BlueBuds X exhibit an array of features only found on JayBird devices:

  • SHIFT Premium Bluetooth Audio – a custom codec that delivers crisp sounds that rival those found on wired headsets
  • PureSound – an on-board filtering system that “eliminates listener fatigue” by reducing white noise
  • X-Fit – a patent pending feature that allows wearers to comfortably position the headset over/under the ear
  • Signal Plus – provides an enhanced connection to your music device ensuring a skip-free environment
  • Jenna – a voice prompt agent that ensures guidance throughout the JayBird experience

Although these features sound great, their main selling point is the Lifetime Warranty Against Sweat. Meaning if your device gets damaged from you working so damn hard, they’ll cover you.


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